[SR-Users] Converting JSON string to normal string
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Muhammad Shahzad
2014-10-23 19:02:48 UTC

Using method json_get_field i am able to extract json string. However, this
string comes with quotes which cause a hurdle in assigning to various
pseudo variables, for example,

json_get_field($redis(r=>value), "to_number", "$var(wim_to)");
json_get_field($redis(r=>value), "domain",

$uac_req(ruri)="sip:" + $var(wim_to) + "@" + $var(wim_domain);

This results in $uac_req(ruri) being set as.


Which is obviously wrong and fails the transaction processing.

Is there any way to get rid of these quotes from json strings? One possible
way i can think of is using string transformation "s.substr", but there are
a lot of json strings i have in config and it is too hectic to transform
all of them. Is there any easier way out of this?

Thank you.