[SR-Users] Connecting IMS and Webrtc!!
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Carsten Bock
2014-10-22 14:34:41 UTC
Hi Dionlar,

can you elaborate the Memory issue a little bit more?
Can you also send me more information, on what OS and what
Kamailio-Version you are using? What configuration are you using?

If you have a memory issue, feel free to contact
sr-***@lists.sip-router.org, they should be able to help you as

Probably no-one of our team (core-networks@) will be able to help you
further, as i am taking care of the implementation myself.

Hello dear!!
I am Lang, undergraduate student research at the University Sheik Anta Diop
of Dakar and I have a memory issue focusing on the interconnection between
IMS and Webrtc.Je am writing to ask your proposals because I just read some
of your articles about the subject.Is it you please help me.
Thank you and I count on you!
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